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Holistic burnout prevention

Leave behind the hacky and unsustainable quick fixes for treating only the symptoms of burnout. Instead, take the holistic approach to prevent burnout altogether.

Grant Gurewitz

👋 Hi, I'm Grant. I've spent nearly a decade in the fast-paced world of high-growth tech companies. I've battled through bouts of burnout that have impacted both my professional and personal life. Through science-backed research and tons of trial and error, I've developed a holistic approach to preventing burnout. I look forward to the opportunity to share learnings with this community weekly.

Come take a breath of fresh air from our society of hustle, hacky advice, shortcuts, and Instagram celebrities. In a world full of hares, be a tortoise. 🐢

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Treat the cause of burnout, not the symptoms

Here we explore the convergence of slowing down and simplifying to sustain the long journey. A journey that builds sustainable habits in the holistic prevention of burnout.

Here are a few holistic prevention areas regularly discussed.

Defining success

Information diet


Fitness and nutrition

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