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Our world is filled with shiny distractions

I'm Grant Gurewitz, a recovering follower of best practices and phone addict. In our world of information overload, we're overwhelmed which is leading to inaction. I started Think for Yourself to inspire a community of people to block out the noise and to be intentional about their actions. I'm on a journey to trust my intuition, build a forcefield around my attention, and unlock space to think for myself. Come take a breath of fresh air from our society of hustle, hacky advice, shortcuts, and Instagram celebrities.

What readers are saying

"I am loving this newsletter. Today's edition has made me stop and think about the things I do because everyone is doing them. I have a flight today and I am excited to journal during my 2 hours of non-connected downtime." -Sarita

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your weekly newsletter. It's nice to wake up on a Monday morning and read something refreshing." -Brett

"I open the emails because I know there's some good wisdom in them and particular because they come out on Monday morning. It's a great mindful stop to make before I have to get up and do the week and deal with whatever BS has landed on my plate." -Shannon

Build a forcefield around your attention

Here we explore the convergence of slowing down and simplifying in four core areas to take control of your thinking, block out the shiny things battling for your attention, and unlock space to think for yourself.

Physical space

We'll look at the spaces you interact with most: home and work. Since you spend the most time in these places, it’s often times the biggest initial barrier to having the proper brain space.


If used with intention our phones have the tools and utilities to simplify life. However, a handful of dominant apps have stolen our attention and time.

Digital + other inputs

We live in an age of information overload, yet we try and stuff too much into our brains from every which direction. With so many shiny things to look at we don’t know where to focus our attention.


Jump off the never-ending hamster wheel of fad diets, happiness hacks, and perfectly curated bodies on Instagram. Focus on what’s worked for hundreds of years.

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